About Organization:

ECMCA Nejashi Islamic Center is an association that was established to propagate Dáwah through Islamic Education based on Islamic values and principles. It was established in 1998 by concerned brothers and sisters of Ethiopian origin who put all their efforts to guide and provide a necessary tools and education for the community to maintain their Islamic identity.

The core objective of this organization is education for Muslim parents, children and those who have not received the message of Islam.

Besides many more services as they are described on the second page, our organization emphasises on full time Islamic school. Iqra Nejashi Islamic School has been named after the Nejashi (King Nejashi of Abysinia) in commemoration of his legacy as a great companion who offered tremendous support and protection to Islam and Muslims from the persecution at the time of Prophet (Peace be upon him). The aim is to provide a high level of academic and Islamic education for our students and it is our ultimate goal to meet the highest expectation of parents and students.



Highlights of Our Services:

  • Community & Social Services
  • Full Time Islamic School
  • Five Daily Prayers & Juma
  • Funeral Services
  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Tahfiz Al-Qur’an & Weekend Qurán Classes
  • Youth Recreational Activities
  • Family Counselling
  • Social Events such as Picnic and Festivals
  • Providing Marriage Services
  • Working with Various Organizations to bring a positive changes in the community 
  • Youth Activities, Da’wah & Seminars